DSC_3489Have you been thinking about having a jazz worship service at your church?  Or maybe you have jazz services but are looking for a fresh new perspective?  Either way, this site is for you!

We have been planning and leading jazz worship services for years, with great success.  We think it is a style that can work well in almost any context.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many resources available for jazz worship – it is especially hard to find quality jazz arrangements of well-known hymn tunes.  Thus, if someone wants to have a jazz service at their church they almost have to plan and arrange the music all themselves.  Depending upon one’s musical ability, resources, and available free time (what’s that?) this can be a daunting challenge that keeps people from giving jazz worship a try.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to approach the concept of jazz worship and apply it to your local setting.  We think jazz worship is a wonderful experience, and we want to make it more available to more people who might not have the ability or the resources to plan and arrange the music themselves.  We have put together jazz arrangements of well-known hymn tunes that you can use at your church – they could be used for an instrumental piece (such as Prelude, Offertory, or Postlude) or they could be used as accompaniment to congregational hymn singing.  The hope is that it gives you the flexibility and confidence to be able to incorporate jazz into your local worship context and make it a success.

We hope you will also take time to read our blog.  There we will share tips, tricks, ideas, and practical suggestions for effectively using jazz in your worship service.  The goal is to make this a resource for church musicians everywhere who are interested in using jazz in their local setting.